Monday, January 3, 2011

I am Number Four by Pittacus Lore

I just finished reading the best book of my holidays! I am Number Four is another book I have seen but hadn't picked up because it looked a little too Sci-fi for me. It definitely has elements of science-fiction- the main character is an alien- but it is so much more than that. It has action, romance (not over the top, just enough), adventure and great great characters! Everyone is going to love reading this book- but the boys in my class are going to be so thankful that I finally have something for them to get into after all the paranormal romance novels I've been reading lately!

This book starts out in Kenya where a boy and a man are killed by some unnamed, unseen monster (nothing like starting out with a little action) and it is after this that we are introduced to the main character John. John has been on earth since he was four- he doesn't remember much of his life before coming to earth. He mostly remembers moving around a lot, changing names and always being the new boy at school. When he is forced to run yet again, he isn't really looking forward to starting over in Paradise, Ohio. On his first day of school he meets and falls for the ex-girlfriend of the biggest football hero at school. This doesn't go over well with Mark and he decides to make John's life miserable.
Not only does John need to deal with his feelings for Sarah, he also needs to deal with the fact that he is now being hunted by these aliens who are trying to stop the nine alien children who came to earth ten years ago. The aliens must kill the children in order and they have already killed off the first three and John is number four- next on the list.
The only thing that can help save John and his protector Henri are the powers that John should be developing. Neither of them know what his powers will be, or how they will help, but this is the only thing that can save not only their lives, but Earth and John's home planet as well.

This is a fast paced novel that had me hooked from the beginning. There is a movie coming out in February here's the trailer and a cool website here and a sequel due out in August.

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